Cqstart spring starter

How can start the engine when it is lack of electricity?

The most popular starter is an electric starter which is convenient and even atomized. But it cannot start an engine once it lacks maintenance or electricity. A mechanical spring starter can solve this issue. It is the perfect solution to start the engine when the electric starter cannot work without electricity. Starting diesel engine at max 50 liters displacement, which only needs manpower.

It can store the manpower energy by compressing the disc springs. After that, the operator can release the energy by pulling the trip lever.

Application Scenes and Details


As diesel engines will drive a water pump for extinguishing, it requires high reliability of diesel engines during firefighting. Once the electric starter breaks down, a mechanical spring starter will be the more reliable backup starter.

Emergency Rescue

Most of emergency rescue sets are movable, usually mothballed in a warehouse. It causes that the sets lack of maintenance for battery. And it is hard to find a backup battery immediately when there is an emergency. However, Cqstart mechanical spring starter is maintenance-free, it hardly malfunctions if the operation is correct.


The mechanical spring starter can meet the “black start” requirements of the power unit of the ship, if there is an event of electricity loss during the ocean sailing. In the ship regulations, it is required by the SOLAS when the ship is sailing. All ships need to be satisfied that when the whole ship loses power, there should be an emergency unit used to generate electricity for the ship. The mechanical spring starter is designed to achieve the emergency start requirements.

Military Usage

The environment of the wild field is very harsh, and backup resources are insufficient. Generators, vehicles and other vital equipment cannot work, once encountered a shortage of electric starter power. Under this circumstance, you can lean on a mechanical spring starter to start the generators to provide electricity.

Of course, a mechanical spring starter can be used in more than these scenes. All I want to discuss is that the Cqstart mechanical spring starter can apply to varies scenes and different situations, even extremely harsh conditions.