What’s the use of spring starter?

spring starter is a mechanical device that uses potential energy stored in the spring wound up with a crank to start an engine. When the battery of an electric starter lacks power, or in other emergency situations, a spring starter could start the engine by artificial power, which makes emergency/auxiliary generator sets more reliable.

You may already know that a spring starter is necessary for the engine, the question is how to choose an appropriate one to ensure that your needs are met.

What type of spring starter should I choose? What parameters should I refer to to make a decision?

If you have the same questions, here are some advice about the parameters of mechanical spring starter

Working Condition

Different devices require different working conditions in order to maximize their performance. For example, temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, electromagnetic environment, acid-base environment, these factors will affect the use of mechanical equipment. As far as the spring starter is concerned, the temperature may be an important factor. If the temperature in the working environment is too low, the spring starter will not be affected by the cold, however, the engine itself will require more energy to start.


 Engine Capacity

Engine capacity is not actually one of the parameters of the spring starter. Engine capacity is a measurement of engine displacement. Generally speaking, the larger the engine capacity, the larger the engine displacement and the more energy required to start the engine. This is one of the important factors that need to be referenced when selecting a spring starter for the engine.

Output Energy

The output energy refers to the maximum energy that the spring starter can output when fully winded. This indicator is closely related to your engine capacity. You should choose a spring starter with sufficient output energy to ensure that it can start your engine normally in an emergency.

Installation Space

In general, the arrangement of mechanical equipment is very compact. The space between the devices is usually reserved for specific loadable equipment, the installation space required by different equipment is not the same, and so are the spring starters of different specifications. Therefore, when choosing a spring starter, you should first measure whether your engine has enough space to install the spring starter. Choose the appropriate size of the spring starter according to the installation space and install it in the appropriate position, which can guarantee the stability and safety of the equipment group to the greatest extent.


Reusable Times

Mechanical starter generally has its own service life, some are reflected in the duration of use, and some are reflected in the number of uses. The aging of equipment caused by various factors may lead to problems such as reduced output power, slower response speed, and reduced stability. Therefore, you need to consider how often your engine uses a spring starter and choose a spring starter that has enough reusable times to ensure that it can always remain effective and don’t forget to replace it in time before its service life will expire.


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