Usually electric motors are used to start diesel engines. When meet the lack of maintenance, no charge of battery, or power is down, the engine will not start normally. When in an emergency occasion, the consequence is serious. Mechanical starter, which is an efficient non-electric engine starting device, can solve the starting problem when the battery is low and can start a diesel engine without electricity, purely depends on the hand crank system for engine start.

Firstly, we introduce

What’s The Mechanical Starter

The mechanical starter is a device to start the engines without electricity. Electric batteries are one of the most common power sources for engine start. But the batteries always can’t work in the extreme low temperature, damp and harsh environment and the hand crank starter will be the ideal choice. This is the reason why marine, offshore oil, underground mining need a mechanical start device.

Advantages of Mechanical Starter


1.Effective In Extreme Low Temperature

When in a cold weather, cranking an engine is a hard work and takes much more energy with the thickened viscosity of the oil. The engine may not crank fast enough to start. The low temperature will slow down its chemical processes of a battery, which makes the power becomes lower.

The mechanical engine starting system doesn’t require the battery and is a mechanical device which only relies on manpower can start the diesel engine with displacement up to 50L.

2. Independent Startup System

Mechanical engine starter has an independent starting system does not require hydraulic, pneumatic nor electricity and no auxiliary equipment is required.

3. Simple Hand Crank System

Mechanical starter has an important back up solution when everything else fail, an option for hand crank charging. The operation is simple with winding the handle and pushing the release lever, then the starting process being completed. The maintenance is also easy.

4. Environmentally friendly

The mechanical starting system has no energy consumption and no pollution emissions. Used batteries will pollute the environment and the decay of the battery will produce toxic substances

5. Lightweight And Minimizing Space

With simple manual crank system, the mechanical engine starter will not take up much space. It’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Applications Of Mechanical Starter


Fire Pump

In the event of a power failure in a fire accident, the fire-fighting unit needs to be able to start normally and drive the water pump to extinguish the fire. The requirements for the reliability of the diesel engines are very high. If for some reason, the diesel engine cannot start successfully, the mechanical starter is required as a backup solution to ensure the engine starting.


Most of the emergency rescue is mobile, generally in the state of warehouse storage, relative lack of battery maintenance. Usually, meet the failure to start an engine. It is difficult to find backup battery power under an emergency situation. At this time, the mechanical starter can be used to manually start the engine for the rescue problem.


When the marine ships meet the situation of power off, the emergency generating set is used to generate power for the ship. The mechanical starter is an ideal choice as the backup device for the emergency engine start.



Under the conditions of field military training, the environment is hard and harsh, and the backup is always insufficient. When the battery is out of power, the important military equipment can’t work normally, which may cause serious consequences. The mechanical start device will solve the problem and can ensure the engine starting by the manual system without any other external energy.

Special Environments

There’s always no electricity or the power is low under the environments includes mining, offshore gas and some special chemical plants. The engine starter with a mechanical starting system will effectively work under these special environments.

Backup Of Other Engine Starters

The mechanical start system can be used as the back up and replacement of other engine starting systems, applicable installing on the diesel generator sets of land and marine, mining machinery, engineering machinery and agricultural irrigation and drainage machinery.

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